The people of our parish

Details of some of the people who help at Our Lady's parish- These people can be contacted via the Parish Office

Fr Paul Brandon

Fr Paul is our Parish Priest.

Andy Puddicombe
• Parish Pastoral Council

Andy is on the Parish Council

Anne Jewell
• Parish Pastoral Council • St Vincent De Paul SVP

Anne is on the Parish Council & is the chair of the SVP Group

Belinda Coughlan
• St Mary's Playgroup

Belinda Coughlan heads up the Playgroup

Ed Samuel
• Churches Together

Ed is our Churches Together Contact for Our Lady's

Emma King
• First Holy Communion

Emma is a First Holy Communion Catechist

Liliana Vujakovic
• Administration • Bulletin

Liliana helps with most day-to-day requests including Mass intentions, booking baptisms, sacramental administration/forms, items for the newsletter and getting messages or information to the ‘right people’. 

01452 713254
Fran Lowe
• First Holy Communion

Fran is a First Holy Communion Catechist

Fran Mackay
• Flowers • Sacristan

Fran is part of a team of people who organise the flowers and is a sacristan at Our Lady's


Hannah Glynn
• Confirmation Preparation

Hannah is a Confirmation Catechist

Jackie Bailey
• Baptism Preparation • Deanery Representative • Parish Pastoral Council • RCIA Programme • Sharing Our Faith • Website Committee

Jackie is part of the Baptism Prepearation team; She heads up the RCIA; Is part of the Website Committee; Sharing Our Faith; Is the Deanery Representative and is a member of the Parish Pastoral Council.

Jim Padden
• Parish Pastoral Council

Jim is part of the Parish Council

Joshua Whitehead- Jones
• Projection Team

Joshua is part of the Projection Team at Our Lady's

Katherine Wadley
• Baptism Preparation • Our Lady's Stay and Play Café • Parish Pastoral Council • Sharing Our Faith

Katherine is part of the Baptism Preparation team; Sharing Your Faith & is a member of the Parish Council

Liz Holtham
• Children's Liturgy

Liz runs Children's Liturgy for 10:30 Mass

Margaret Kent
• Parish Pastoral Council • Prayer Group • Sharing Our Faith

Margaret heads up the Prayer Group at Our Lady's, she is also on the Parish Pastoral Council.

Maria Gibbins
• Sharing Our Faith

Maria is part of the Sharing Our Faith group.

Martin Keal
• Treasurer

Martin is the treasurer for Our Lady's

Matt Wadley
• Music • Projection Team • Website Committee

Matt is involved with the Technical Aspects of the parish; He heads up the team that operates the Projectors; is part of the Website Committee and is involved with the Music Group.

Mike Freeman
• Projection Team • Website Committee

Mike is on the Website Committee and the Projection Team

Natalie Edwards
• Baptism Preparation • Craft Group • Our Lady's Stay and Play Café

Natalie heads up the craft group and is part of th Baptism Team

Paddy Anderson
• Safeguarding • 200 Club

Paddy runs the 200 Club and also is the safeguarding officer for Our Lady's

Pearl Bird
• Sacristan

Pearl is a sacristan at Our Lady's

Peter Walsh
• Altar Servers

Peter is invloved with Alter Servers at Our Lady's

Richard Lowe
• Website Committee

Richard is the designer of the Church Website

Ronnie Whalley
• Piety Stall

Ronnie heps with the Piety Stall

Shiela Keal
• Confirmation Preparation

Shelia is a confimration Catechist

Susan Pickard
• Piety Stall

Susan heps with the Piety Stall

Shelley Sullivan
• Faith and Light

Contact is Shelley Sullivan (she is not in this parish but can be contacted via the parish office)

Tony Wadley
• Music • Sharing Our Faith

Tony leads the music at Mass at Our Lady’s & is part of the Sharing Your Faith team

Terezia Farulova
• Sharing Our Faith

Terezia is part of the Sharing Our Faith group.

Veronica Lowe
• Music

Veronica is the Church Organist and Music Leader

• Cafod Crisis Fund

This position is currently vacant

• Catholic Truth Society

This postion is currently Vacant